Welcome to Too Much of a Good Thing, a low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats located in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. We provide spay/neuter services to farm cats, feral cats, and pet cats from any location. These services are available to anyone, regardless of financial status.

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  1. Cats must be 4 months or older for surgery.
  2. Cats should be in good health. It is risky to anesthetize sick cats.
  3. Drop-off time is 7-7:30am; pick-up is 5-6 pm.
  4. Take away food by midnight the night before the surgery. Water is OK.
  5. All cats MUST be in secure hard carriers or live traps. Please line carrier with newspaper. No cardboard carriers/boxes, and preferably no soft zippered carriers
  6. Cost for females is $70. Cost for males is $40. CASH ONLY.
  7. Vaccines (FVRCP, Rabies) are available for additional cost.  Vaccines are optional. FVRCP is $10.00 and requires a booster vaccine in 3-4 weeks. Rabies is $15.00 and is good for a year from the date it is given.
  8. A maximum of 3 cats can be scheduled at one visit.
  9. Please make sure that your cat is protected from fleas.